Kentish days…..

After a crazy few months of relocating to the South of France from Bahrain via Greece we now find ourselves on the move again with many thanks to Brexit! Having moved to France for many reasons but at least in part to pursue The Huguenot Project, we were confused by having to leave just when things were starting to take off and we had made great headway into renovating our 950 year old home.

We had recently embarked on a new concert repertoire fusing together both of our eclectic styles and were eagerly connecting with other diverse musicians in our area. However, due to an eight month delay in the processing of the infamous “carte de sejours”; which is our fulltime passport to remaining in France post Brexit; we had to leave according to the 90 day EU tourist rule and now find ourselves in sunny Kent!

Initially in Kent to visit family whom we hadn’t seen for almost 2 years due to Covid, we suddenly realised that Kent was populated by a huge number of…. yes you guessed it…. Huguenots!! After an initial post Jason made on a facebook group seeking interviews with Huguenot descendants we had more than 150 replies! God most certainly has a plan in sending us here.

Whilst continuing to edit the Together We Rise Kids music video and preparing the final mix of the song for release, we are now planning interviews for both The Huguenot Project and Conversations with Lightbearers and will keep you updated on our progress!

And as if we didn’t have enough to occupy us we are working on our new concert program and planning a number of concerts across the UK over the coming weeks and possibly months depending on the opportunities arising. Please contact us if you wish to know more about our schedule, to book a house concert or if you would like to invite us to share about our projects and our time as creative missionaries in your church or organisation. Both Jason and Lydia are available together or separately as motivational speakers.

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