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Jason Carter ~

Jason grew up playing guitar and piano in his local church before leaving the safety of Cornwall to tour the world as a musician and peace ambassador for 25 years.  Jason visited over 100 countries including Afghanistan, North Korea and Saudi Arabia, where he experienced the transformational power of the Holy Spirit in the darkest of places.  After transitioning into film making over the past 6 years, Jason now finds himself working on a wide variety of projects which aim to bring hope, peace and joy to a troubled world. After an exciting season of film, creativity and music in the Middle East, Jason is now based in France and the UK and is enjoying this new season as a husband and father.  As an adopted person, Jason has a deeply personal understanding of what it means to be adopted into the body of Christ.  Hence, Jason has based much of his ministry around the fundamentals of how we, the body of believers, need to work together to encourage and build His church through love and faith.

Go to Jason Carter’s Webpage to find out more about Jason’s work as a musician, film maker and presenter.

Lydia Carter ~

After graduating from University of London in music Lydia subsequently completed her Masters degree specialising in composition and performance. She worked as a composer writing for the BBC Singers and other classical groups before relocating to the Middle East where she lived for the past 19 years as a musician, theatre director, entrepreneur and educationalist. Earlier this year, Lydia released her debut album which was a reflection of her own musical and spiritual journey and was the propulsion needed to return to her roots as a singer and a composer. Lydia is now enjoying discovering new sounds with Jason as they develop their own eclectic repertoire and looking forward to this exciting season of creativity.  Following a seven year journey into Islam, Lydia had a profound conversion to Christianity which immediately catapulted her into a season of joy and revelation.  God deposited a call to unity in her heart which has become a vital component to her ministry.  In her first year as a believer Lydia started a Christian Community Arts Festival in Bahrain which brought together the various churches and denominations alongside the local community in a celebration of creativity.  Now Lydia is enjoying life with Jason and son Xavier as they begin their ministry in UK and France.

Go to https://lydiacarter.bandcamp.com/ to find out more about Lydia’s new album

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